Podcast: A look back at the first few months of 2022

A lot has happened in the world of Oranje so far in 2022, and we take a look at all of it in the first podcast episode of the year.

Well, it’s actually just me – Finley – rather than we this time around, and I kick things by giving my thoughts on the first matches of the year against Denmark and Germany and the 3-4-1-2 system that we used for the first time in them.

Specifically, I pick out what I see as the main pros and cons of the formation and suggest ways in which Louis van Gaal can address such cons going forward, not that he needs my advice…

After that, I then turn my attention to the World Cup draw, sharing my opinion of the group we have been given which contains Qatar, Senegal and Ecuador; as you can probably guess, I’m pretty happy with it.

Van Gaal will be leaving after said World Cup, and it has been confirmed that Ronald Koeman will return to replace him. I finish off the episode by looking at that decision before picking out players I’d like to see given a chance in the next international break and paying tribute to our current Bondscoach following news of his cancer diagnosis.

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